When I was younger I was totally opposed to smoking. I think this strong feeling against smoking came from the fact that my father was a chronic smoker and the house always stank of tobacco. You can’t really explain the smell of a cigarette or tobacco – it’s just this heavy stench that clings to your clothes and darkens the walls. The scary thing is that ten years after I swore I would never smoke, I am searching for methods on how to quit smoking.

I blame my smoking on peer pressure. When you work with smokers, it just rubs off and you begin puffing along – or at least I did. Once I moved away from that lifestyle I had to change. I began smelling that smell again and seeing the smoke cling to the walls of my apartment. So I tried different methods to replace that nicotine fix: gum, patches, electronic cigarettes and lozenges. In fact, I even tried that vapor spray that is being advertised so vehemently on the television.

Gums, patches and lozenges can be successful for the new smoker. They are most useful for the individual who has not smoked for a prolonged period of time, but not for those who have reached the point where they are addicted to the smoking experience. This individual would be most suited to the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is a thin, battery operated device that looks exactly like a regular cigarette. It has pure liquid nicotine that is found within interchangeable cartridges. This is vaporized creating a smoking sensation that best emulates the behavior and substance fix.

I’m disappointed that I began smoking, particularly since I was so against it in my youth. However, I am very pleased that I found a means of overcoming this unpleasant habit.